To continue our discussion of the advantages of article marketing to promote your business, we look at some immediate benefits.

Carrying your name across the Internet can also give you some excellent reputational benefits.  To build your reputation, focus the resource box more on you and less on a target website that you want people to visit.  Writing quality articles will help you build your own reputation as someone who knows their subject and through time, helps you establish yourself as an authority on the subject.

When writing your articles be sure to provide information and resources, not an ad for you or your website. No one will be interested in using this type of article. Many unsuccessful article marketers make the mistake of using sub-standard articles and expecting good results. 

Your article should always be of good quality.  If it isn’t, then you are telling prospective visitors, or customers, that quality is not important to you and that they can expect poor quality information on the target website.  Equally, because others will not wish to reprint your article, the reproduction of backlinks, that you so desperately want, will not happen.

Don’t get carried away with website promotion and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Remember that your article needs to be of interest to people, not for search engines to browse. You’re looking to have your article picked up and reprinted by real readers so that you can promote yourself, your subject or whatever you’ve included in your resource box.

In short, to make article marketing work for you, you must:

  • Make sure your article is related to your target website/market and is relevant.
  • Use good quality, well written original articles.
  • Make it readable and interesting.
  • Be patient.  Traffic and backlinks won’t appear overnight.

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