Last time we addressed three of my Six Mistakes – not being realistic, challenging or specific enough.  Here are the final three mistakes to avoid when setting your goals.

Not under your control.

Several years ago, I set a goal to publish a book with a major New York publisher. I wrote the manuscript, edited it, submitted it to an agent, and got rejected by that and 20 additional agents I submitted it to I felt like a complete failure because I hadn’t met my goal of publishing a book.

The problem with this goal was that it was outside my control. I could set a goal about finishing, editing and submitting a book, but I couldn’t count on an agent picking up my book, or a publisher publishing it. It was totally outside of my control! A better goal would have been “submit a complete manuscript to 20 agents this year.” THAT I could control and enjoy a sense of accomplishment.

Not measurable.

Just like goals that aren’t specific enough, goals that aren’t measurable are impossible to meet. Let’s say that your goal is to become a famous blogger. Great dream, but how will you measure that? You need an objective standard by which to measure your progress, so you can tell when you’ve achieved your goal. If your goal isn’t measurable, it isn’t a good goal.

Not what you really wanted.

Let’s say you set a specific goal that is measurable. You invest a lot of time and energy in your goal, and you do it!

But instead of feeling like a million bucks, you find you’re disappointed. You said you wanted to create an affiliate program for your new product, and you did it – but why don’t you feel like you’ve accomplished something?  Perhaps you set the wrong goal.

Like a college grad who ends up in law school because her dad told her it was a good idea. She didn’t have another goal or plan in mind, and finds herself falling into a plan she didn’t want. Sometimes we fall into goals and hold onto them to the bitter end.

Before you set a goal and dedicate resources towards its completion, make sure you’ve chosen the RIGHT goal.

You’re now aware of the biggest mistakes in goal-setting and how to avoid them. Next week we’ll discuss  how to measure your progress.

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