Article marketing on the Internet harnesses the power of the Web and the hunger for written content.  Article marketing allows writers to promote themselves, their websites, products or literally anything, by writing about them and making the content freely available for reproduction on other Internet sites and electronic mediums.

To use it as a marketing tool you first need to create the article on the topic you want to promote.  Once created, the article can be uploaded to any of hundreds of article directories allowing others to ‘reprint’ your article, usually for free, in exchange for posting your article bio, or resource box, a small section of text, usually at the end of the article, where links can be included.

These links are used to drive traffic to your website or blog to capture and entice prospects to consider your offerings. If your article is of interest to a broad audience, it’s likely to be picked up and reproduced in a number of ways relating to the subject matter. 

The fact that one link has now turned into several links without you having to do anything, will have a positive impact on your search engine page rankings.  The more backlinks you can get to your site across the Web, the greater the perceived importance of your website, in general terms.  The reproduced backlink is the valuable item in this case.  The more your article is picked up by others, the more times your backlink will be reproduced.

Next week we’ll discuss using article marketing to build your reputation, the advantages of backlinks and search engine optimization, and what you MUST do for article marketing success.

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